Hilton Universal City

Hilton Universal City

Los Angeles, CA

Located in a desert climate with tremendous thermal loads, the Hilton Universal City’s $7 million energy efficiency retrofit project relied on View Dynamic Glass to help increase guests’ comfort and overall experience while reducing energy, operating and maintenance costs, and adhering to the “Hilton global” standard of sustainability and design.

  • Improves guest and employee comfort by eliminating heat and glare
  • Contributes to energy savings of $27k-$30k per month
  • Preserves dramatic views of the Hollywood Hills - no need for blinds or shades


The Los Angeles sun caused the Hilton lobby and guest spaces to be hot and uncomfortable for visitors. Hilton wanted a glazing solution to increase guest comfort and reduce energy usage while maintaining a connection to the iconic outdoor surroundings.


The installation of View Dynamic Glass was funded through the PACE program, an initiative that finances upfront costs for energy efficiency upgrades to buildings. View Glass was chosen to re-glaze the hotel lobby and the presidential suite to provide control over heat and glare.


The results were overwhelmingly positive, excess thermal loads were eliminated, energy costs were significantly reduced and sustainable building practices were followed, all while adhering to high Hilton global design standards.

View Dynamic Glass is now being considered for the rest of the hotel spaces, as well as across the entire Hilton hotel line.


  • Increase in guest comfort
  • Monthly reduction in energy costs
  • Enhanced the Hilton brand and guest experience

Project Specifications



Coast to Coast Glass

Glazing System

Project Type


System Type:


IGU Makeup



Outboard lite:

6mm tempered clear with EC on surface #2


1/2" black warm edge spacer

Inboard lite:

6mm tempered clear