Well being
from the outside in.

View Dynamic Glass lets in more daylight and reduces glare to provide optimum comfort and a connection to the outdoors.

A day in the light.

9:30 AM
HOME: Start your day without uncomfortable morning glare.
11:00 AM
WORK: Stay connected to the outdoors working in a more comfortable and productive office.
3:15 PM
AIRPORT: Work without glare next to a sunny window and actually see your screen.
6:30 PM
HOTEL: Watch beautiful sunsets without blinds in the way.

Say goodbye to blinds.

View Dynamic Glass allows more people to work comfortably next to windows, expanding your office footprint.

Before View:

Occupants have to rely on shades to block out the sun.

Room before View
Lake Union Pre-Install: July 6th, 2015

After View:

Occupants enjoy all day views and rhythms of the day.

Room after View
Lake Union Post-Install: April 24-26th, 2016

If you make people 1 or 2% more efficient because they’re working in an environment like this, it pays back overnight.

Patrick M. Byrne
CEO & Founder

Window into wellness.

View Dynamic Glass results in healthier, more productive and creative employees.

Harvard T.H. Chan Study
Carnegie Mellon University's
Intelligent Workplace
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Responsive. Predictive. Remarkable.

Learn how View self-tinting glass works.

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View works on Intelligence or manual controls.

See How tint zones control works

Tint individual zones.

Individual window zones give you precise control of your space.

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Energy Benefits.

Up toEnergy saving18%

Annual energy saving (OPEX)

View Dynamic Glass reduces overall HVAC energy consumption and costs by limiting unwanted heat gain in summer but allowing beneficial passive heat gain in winter.

Energy Study

Up toLoad reduction23%

Peak cooling load reduction (CAPEX)

View Dynamic Glass can tint during peak cooling demand periods, thereby blocking more than 90 percent of solar radiation and resulting in tremendous savings in peak load cooling energy use.

Energy Guide

Designed for sustainability.

The benefits of View Dynamic Glass are recognized by both the LEED and WELL rating systems; and also meet all of today’s materials transparency certifications.

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Living Building Challenge NetZero Energy Building certification International WELL Building Institute