Civica Cherry Creek

Civica Cherry Creek

Denver, CO

Located in the Cherry Creek North neighborhood of Denver, Civica Cherry Creek will feature 100,500 square feet of office space and 11,500 square feet of retail. The office building was designed to create a premier workplace experience and will feature more than 20,000 square of View Dynamic Glass, bringing a new level of sustainability, unobstructed views, and the elimination of blinds – all while enhancing occupant comfort and productivity.

Civica Cherry Creek
  • 20,000+ sqft of dynamic, electrochromic glass
  • Greatly enhanced indoor comfort and energy efficiency
  • Differentiated office space drives value and leasing velocity


Schnitzer West is one of the west coast’s fastest growing real estate investment, development and property management companies. It has a reputation for creating innovative workplaces and living spaces, for delivering superior‐to‐market returns, and for its value‐creation approach to property management. The team at Schnitzer West is highly focused on ensuring indoor comfort for future tenants of the space at Civica Cherry Creek. Solar heat-gain and glare at elevation in Denver is a critical concern in both the morning and afternoon. The objective was to ensure the space stayed comfortable throughout the day while remaining energy efficient. It was also important that the office have a clear differentiating advantage to separate it from other workplace spaces in the surrounding neighborhood.


Over 20,000 square feet of View Dynamic Glass was selected to address occupant comfort, ensure energy efficiency, and differentiate the space. “Civica Cherry Creek is truly a next‐generation office building, and we’re confident that it will introduce a new level of functionality and service that will redefine tenant expectations in the Denver marketplace,” said Doug Zabel, managing partner at Schnitzer West.


  • Creates a comfortable work environment even during peak heat and glare hours
  • Differentiates the space driving leasing velocity and increasing value
  • Dramatically improves energy efficiency

Project Specifications



Davis Partnership Architects


Schnitzer West / JP Morgan

General Contractor:

Saunders Construction Inc.