America Center II

America Center II

San Jose, CA

America Center II is a state-of-the-art office building with unobstructed views of Silicon Valley. Developed by SteelWave, it will include 100,000 square feet of View Dynamic Glass – the largest installation of electrochromic glass in the world. View’s technology was chosen to drive both energy efficiency and optimize the indoor experience for people working inside.

America Center II
  • 100,000 sqft of View Dynamic Glass
  • Largest installation of electrochromic smart glass in the world
  • Anticipated prestigious LEED Gold certification


SteelWave is a full-service commercial, residential, and mixed-use real estate management, operating company, and investment management firm. The company actively embraces innovation and seeks out opportunities to create exceptional environments in which people live and work. The America Center II development is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley and features 457,450 sqft of Class A office space. SteelWave wanted the workspace to combine the latest technological amenities with sweeping, unobstructed views of the San Francisco Bay, while driving significant energy savings in anticipation of achieving the prestigious LEED Gold certification.


SteelWave selected View Dynamic Glass for America Center II, incorporating over 100,000 square feet of glass. View’s electrochromic glass technology and sophisticated Intelligence software allows the glass to tint throughout the day, optimizing the indoor environment and allowing constant access to outside views. By blocking unwanted solar heat and glare, View Dynamic Glass significantly reduces air conditioning and lighting needs, resulting in energy savings of up to 20%, especially during peak hours. The drastically improved views and indoor environment, unobstructed by shades or blinds, have been shown to increase employee productivity by up to 15%.


  • Maintains sweeping, unobstructed views of San Francisco Bay and Silicon Valley
  • Dramatically improves energy efficiency – up to 20% during peak hours
  • Creates a comfortable work environment, driving employee productivity

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General Contractor:

Lusardi Construction