Why Leading Architects Are Specifying Dynamic Insulating Glass Units

The dynamic insulating glass unit (IGU) contains glass with an electrochromic coating to adjust tint in response to external conditions and to user preferences. IGUs are assembled using multiple layers of glass, typically in a dual pane or triple pane configuration. The dynamic glass is on surface #2 of the tempered, heat strengthened outboard lite. The inboard lite includes either one or two additional layers of glass as part of the inboard lite.

Inside Electrochomic Glass

IGUs are filled with air or with a mixture of air and argon to provide a thermal barrier and to increase energy efficiency. IGUs can be configured in a wide range of standard sizes, colors, and inboard lite options with sizes up to 6 feet by 10 feet. Other sizes of finished IGUs are available based on specification.

Dynamic IGU

IGUs are assembled in a state-of-the-art dyamic glass manufacturing facility with the highest level of precision and process control. The IGU assembly is prewired for easy connection to the intelligent control system.

Glaziers find installing a dynamic IGU is simple; Nick Bagatelos, CEO, Bisem, discusses it in a video, Simple Glazing.

Stunning architectural design

Architects and designers can choose from a variety of standard sizes described in the IGU data sheet, with options for dual pane, single pane and multiple inboard light colors and inboard laminates or custom sizes.

Dynamic IGUs open up possibilities for creating stunning architecture along with providing significant energy savings, increased occupant comfort, and an open view to the outside world with no heat and glare. With larger panels of glass available in IGUs for windows, skylights and atria, architects can create more sustainable buildings without having to use shades or blinds.

Featured projects can be seen using many types of dynamic IGUs in our featured projects portfolio.

Stunning architectural design