View dynamic electrochromic glass. Clear when you want it. Tints when you need it.

What is Electrochromic Glass? Electrochromic glass uses nano-layers of electrochromic coating on the surface of the glass. When a tiny voltage is applied, the glass tints.

View's electrochromic glass transitions seamlessly between multiple tint states. When combined with View's intelligence, the windows automatically respond to the environment, eliminating heat and glare. Building occupants can enjoy the views and natural daylight.

Inside Electrochomic Glass

Intelligence Outside

View's electrochromic glass is used to eliminate heat and glare. Combined with View's intelligence engine, the glass automatically adjusts tint levels based on the building's design, location, orientation, and time of day.

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Intelligence Inside

The intelligence engine behind View's electrochromic glass prioritizes decisions based on glare, heat load, and daylight to create the most comfortable conditions for people inside.

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Expansive Views, Greener Planet

New buildings face demanding design challenges to meet energy efficiency regulations. By letting in natural light and blocking unwanted solar heat, View's electrochromic windows significantly reduce air conditioning and lighting costs. This results in energy savings of up to 20%, especially during peak hours when energy costs are at their highest.

With electrochromic windows and intelligent control, buildings become much more energy efficient. There’s more natural light for employees and building occupants without the heat and glare.

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Electrochromic glass at Lory Center

Building the Future

Today, over 200 projects have been completed using View's electrochromic glass. View has accelerated the use of electrochromic glass with large-scale glass manufacturing, a patented intelligence engine, unparalleled quality, and ease of installation.

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