W Hotel, San Francisco, CA

Enhance the guest experience and feature new technology to meet sustainability objectives.

The W Hotel in downtown San Francisco aims to offer “an electric urban retreat with a refreshing vibe and extraordinary service”. Located in the heart of the SoMa district, the hotel contains a large lobby with south-east facing windows. Fritted, patterned glass was installed, but excessive solar heat prevented occupants from sitting next to the windows, and high glare conditions took away from the chic, modern look the lobby was going for.


View and the W Hotel partnered to showcase View Dynamic Glass in the lobby and lounge areas of the hotel to enhance guest experience and feature new technology to meet sustainability objectives. The glass was retrofitted into existing framing and set on an automated schedule that tinted the glass to various levels throughout the day.


View Dynamic Glass has preserved the city views with greater guest comfort and enhanced the signature contemporary design of the W lounge area and the luxury guest experience. Due to the success of the lobby install, the hotel recently decided to implement View Dynamic Glass into their rooftop terrace space.

“View dynamically tinting architectural glass is a great fit for the W San Francisco,” said Michael Pace, General Manager. “In the short period of time since the glass has been installed we are already experiencing improved ambience and a better quality of natural light. We continually strive to deliver the ultimate guest experience through innovative design, and View Dynamic Glass is clearly an example of a technology that achieves our goals. This technology will enable us to enrich our guests’ comfort in both the public spaces and in the guestrooms, allowing them to enjoy uninterrupted views while controlling their environment to meet their individual needs. It will also save considerable energy, furthering our aggressive corporate sustainability goals.”


View Dynamic Glass provides the W Hotel with:

GlazierBagatelos Architectural Glass Systems
Glazing system
Project TypeRetrofit
System TypeStorefront
Make and ModelBagatelos Glazing System
IGU makeup
Overall Thickness1"
Outboard Lite6mm tempered clear with EC on#2
Spacer½” black warm edge spacer
Inboard Lite6mm tempered clear

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