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Come create with us—we question everything to constantly improve our contributions to the way we work, how we think about technology, and what we build. Our culture—View is seeking thinkers, explorers and builders. If that sounds like you, take a look at our current job openings. We’d like to hear from you. We inspire every new member to achieve their best and support them in every step of the way.

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View Dynamic Glass Manufacturing
View Dynamic Glass at AIA
View Dynamic Glass at AIA

“I am fortunate to work at View where I have a unique opportunity to work on something that will be so transformative in peoples everyday lives.”
—Trevor Frank, Staff Mechanical Engineer

“I’m working on something that is not limited to industrial applications but will also be used to help people be more comfortable in their homes.”
—Dennis Mullins, Mechanical Designer

“I believe in energy efficiency and View Dynamic Glass is part of the future of sustainable building. Every day I go home satisfied and knowing I work hard for something worthwhile.”
—Deepika Khowal, Green Building Specialist

“At View you can count on finding a position that provides endless challenges and rewards.”
—Dr. Martin Neumann, Technology Manager

“View is a place that sets no limits. It is a place where passion and imagination as well as flexibility will ensure your success.”
—Marla Myint, Marketing Communications Manager

“My team is full of passion, they inspire me to be my best self every day.”
—Namrata Vora, Director of Product Management

“Our choices in roles and responsibilities are endless at View. We can grow as far as our interest and desires take us.”
—Mark Collins, Director of Field Operations